What Our Parents Say

We highly recommend Dover Montessori for its well-rounded approach to basic education. It’s academic curriculum and social interactions could very well be a model for Delaware’s public school system. Our two children never cease to amaze us when they come home and show us what they have learned all day long.

– Gil & Michelle Villanueva

Our sons have been at Dover Montessori for 2 years. They love going to school and enjoy learning in this safe and friendly environment. Our 4 year old loves his homework, from writing to sounding out letters and words.

– Richard & Sharon Wong

Our 4 year old started at Dover Montessori when she was 22 months old. The experience has been very nurturing and beneficial for her. She is learning how to read, write and have fun at school at the same time. She loves going to school and has developed a lot of social skills.

– Khaled & Hiam Jazzar

Our older son attended Dover Montessori last year and really enjoyed the school. The experience really prepared him well for Kindergarten and he still talks about his teachers and friends at Dover Montessori.

– Greg & Sherry Brown

This will be the second year that we have enrolled our son in Dover Montessori Country Day Academy. He started out this year not interested in writing in any way and within a month of school he had learned to write his name. He comes home from school and we stand there staring at him with amazement when we see first hand what he has learned. The Montessori method of teaching makes learning easy and fun for the children and we believe that enrolling him has been the very best thing we could have done for his education.

– Bill & Rachael Hemric

Maya has always benefited tremendously from a Montessori education. So when we deployed to Dover AFB from Portland, Oregon, it was a natural choice. Recently, at the base children’s fair Maya noticed that the lollypop candy’s were not in order and easy to grab for the children; without hesitation or permission we observed Maya organize them in one solid row around the hexagon shape for the children to grab. The teacher’s surprising comment, “first time I’ve ever seen a child do that.” Amazing type of learning environment. Thank you.

– Edith & David Molina

My daughter Christina Hillman attended the Dover Montessori school long ago. She is now a sophomore in college attending Iowa State University. Christina is an accomplished scholar and athlete. Along with achieving a 4.0 GPA at a top US prep school, she is also a member of the United States National Track and Field Team. As parents, what makes us most proud of her is the person that she is. She is kind, compassionate, caring, and so humble. All of these traits were instilled at an early age and are a big part of the Montessori Philosophy. As parents we are so thankful that Christina was able to have attended the Dover Montessori School. The school provided so much of what we were looking for in an educational experience for our daughter!