About Dover Montessori


By being here you have chosen to make the most important financial investment in your child’s life– and here in southern Delaware you have chosen the best. This investment is better than stocks, real estate or gold and will pay dividends for years to come. Its value will become incalculable to the success and happiness of your child and their future. It is an education that meets the intellectual, physical, and emotional needs of your child.

The benefits your child receives at Dover Montessori Country Day Academy will give him/her a tremendous foundation. Our preschool program builds on each of the life benefits of a Montessori education and while the curriculum is the same the material, it becomes more advance as the child gets older. Our students ages 2-6 are not mixed in, but rather separated on age group and as they master key areas are enrolled in the next most senior program.

Our promise is that over a continued 3-year sustained enrollment your child will be able to read, write and do simple mathematics, and be prepared to enter elementary. More importantly, your child will understand the “why” behind his/her learning.

“A Montessori education is not just cumulative in its learning, it is exponential in its understanding–the child’s mind and character will be trained to look at problems and see challenges instead of obstacles. With that kind of attitude and training, there is nothing your child will not be able to achieve.” -Edward Fidellow, Montessori teacher

Did you know?


  • At Dover Montessori, your child can get a Montessori education for the exact cost of average daycare?
  • Dover Montessori is endorsed by local pediatricians.
  • We specialize in meeting every need of your child, including: intellectual, physical and emotional?
  • In our Montessori classrooms your child will learn how to read.
  • Dover Montessori is the only downstate school that provides Chinese as a second-language for ages 2 to 6.
  • We’ve been in business for over 43 years and specialize in one-on-one individual training for your child?
  • If your child attends Dover Montessori for three years consistently we can safely guarantee your child will be in the top 5% of their class.
  • Our goal is to prepare your child for later learning?


Lifelong benefits of a Montessori education include:


  • Character building
  • Accountability
  • Development of initiative
  • Help for the strong willed child
  • Education for all sensitive periods of learning
  • Hands on independent training to develop a strong work ethic