Our Academic Team

Margaret Kling, Directress, earned a BA from University of Delaware. She attended Washington Montessori Inst, in Washington, D.C., and is accredited through Loyola College. Her accreditation is a Masters in Montessori Education. She’s been teaching and directing for eighteen years.

Working with the Directress are several individuals who are well qualified in early education and child development. All members of the Teaching Staff have an undergraduate degree in early childhood and/or elementary education. Our Assistants are also qualified & certified care givers by the State of Delaware and CPR certified.

Ms. Lacey has been the lead teacher at Dover Montessori for 5 years. She has her degree in Elementary Education through Delaware State University.  She sees firsthand the benefits of the Montessori Method with it’s unique hands-on teaching approach, and ensures that our students make great progress in their time with us and are well prepared for Kindergarten.

Ms. Dianna is one of our newer teachers. She joined our team December 2013 teaching the 2-3 year olds. Ms. Dianna received her education at Columbia University in South America, and is eager to earn her Masters Degree to further her education and experience in Montessori Education.

In addition, we provide internship  opportunities to students from Wesley College and other area universities. We appreciate their valuable assistance in our classroom in return for credit and experience toward their degree.

Montessori’s teachers & staff members are bound to a contract stipulating no contact
with parents or students outside of school hours due to school liability & observation privacy act.