Employment Opportunities

Are you trained in Montessori education?
Do you enjoy working with students helping them grasp a strong foundation in practical skills?
Do you have a special skill in playing instruments, arts & science, a second language or use of technology?
Do you want to make a difference in the lives of southern Delaware families?

At Dover Montessori, we are always looking forward to meeting Montessori trained individuals. If interested in working for Dover Montessori in a volunteer, seasonal, part-time or full-time basis, please complete our Employment Application below.

Employment Application

  • Where can we email you?
  • Where can we best reach you?
    Are you Montessori trained? Training certifications must be submitted upon request.
  • Please tell us where you are currently employed, title, job description, and period of work.
  • Please indicate your former job experiences, title, description, and periods of work, limited to the past 5-years.
  • Please provide names of 3 former supervisors, job titles, organization, and contact information.