Admissions Process

Admissions decisions at Dover Montessori are made throughout the academic year as spaces are available. We recommend that parents start the process early to ensure a seat the following year. Our process is simple:

  1. Application inquiry. Providing us your information and details when you’d like to enroll your child is key. Our admissions is on a first-come first-serve basis.
  2. Visit and interview. By visiting Dover Montessori you get to learn more about who we are, the students we serve, our curriculum and programs. More importantly we get to know you and your child and observe him/her as they explore our Montessori educational equipment. Please allocate 60 minutes for our initial interview. At your request, we can provide you an official admissions application to be completed, signed and returned.
  3. Admissions application review. We’ll take the time to thoroughly review your child’s admission application and make a decision subsequently after. Usually within 15 days.
  4. Admissions notification. The last phase in our admissions process will come in the form of an invitation to enroll your child. In the event we are unable to enroll your child due to space, you’ll be provided a rough timeliness as to when it will be possible.

At Dover Montessori, we aim to make the admissions process fun, simple and seamless as possible. That said, we look forward to meeting you and your child soon.