What to Bring?

What to Bring?

1. Parents: Be sure your child has enough diapers, pull-ups and wipes. Replace weekly! All bedding must return home for washing each week.

2. All of the children need a complete change of clothing. Dress code does not apply.

3. We are asking all parents to bring in one bottle of hand sanitizer and one box of tissues for the “flu” season! We will be doing a lot of hand washing!

4. Please donate any art supplies!!!

5. 2 large size bottles of juicy juice or apple juice should be brought in the first week of each month. Any non-sugar snack items would also be appreciated.

6. A nice family photo – 4×6 – Nothing Larger! (September. class project.)

7. All clothing and lunch boxes are to be neatly marked with your child’s name! Please help your child to put lunch away and close door tightly!!.

8. We will be going outside each day, weather permitting! Dress your child warmly!

9. Ms. Peg’s class will hand write each day. Please bring 2 writing tablets, double lined and 2 sharpened pencils.

10. Parents will need to check student cubbie for papers and parent “box” by the front door. Sign-in at the desk and leave a phone# where you can be reached at all times!! Thank You!!
Thank You,

Ms. Peg

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