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As guides in the Montessori classroom we are privileged to see the moment by moment transformation of your child take place. All of the children have effectively mastered various skills in the Practical Life area. For the parents of the Montessori child, a useful way to relate to the experience is to know that there is a direct correlation between the amount of steps involved in doing an exercise and the expansion of the mind. Always keep in mind that the “exercises” themselves are the work of the child. The reason for the child’s work is to construct his or herself, and should not be interrupted. By design, Mathematics is the basis of all Practical Life Exercises and of the imagination. Many of the children have developed the ability to now organize and classify their impressions. This is how the mathematical mind is prepared. The children have begun to develop the ability to discriminate the difference between one thing and another. (Similarities and differences) The opportunity for order, sequencing making observation experimentation and abstraction are now ready to take place.

Parents, please share the gift of Montessori Education this month. Tell a friend about your Montessori experience.
**We are offering a $50 credit on your child’s tuition for every time you help us register a new student!**

Reminders: Santa is checking his list twice! Be sure you are…
– Sending a warm coat for outside play
– Including juice in you child’s lunch box
– Remember to bring in 2 bottles of Juicy Juice and/or apple juice and computer payment on the 1st of each month
– A regular supply of diapers and wipes and an extra change of clothing (parents of younger children only).
– We have enough hand sanitizer but tissues are needed.
– Any donating of play equipment (riding toys, trucks, etc.) is appreciated. Please confirm with Ms. Peg.

All Day PJ Day! Children can wear their favorite Pajamas to school on Tues., Dec. 19th. Bring a stuffed animal for show and tell.

Class Gift Exchange: The class will exchange gifts. The children will draw names. Gifts for the class exchange are to be wrapped and brought in no later than Monday, December 18th. Please write the recipient’s name on the gift and place it in the class gift exchange box. Santa will give out the gifts the day of the party. *** Please remember our gift limit is $10.00. Also – each child does the exchange! If your child may not be at the Christmas Party we will make sure to set their gift aside until they return. Thank you, Staff.

Christmas Show & Party: On Friday, December 22nd, The Montessori Country Day Academy will proudly present our 2017 Christmas Show and party. It begins promptly at 11:30 a.m. and ends promptly at 1:00 p.m. at which time the children will be dismissed for the holidays. We will share Christmas songs by Granny Franny, and Ms. Betriz will lead a Spanish Cantata. There is no P.M. child care this day.

Santa will be handing out gifts to all the “good” boys and girls at 11:45 a.m. during the Christmas Party. To make our holiday more festive, each parent is requested to make a main dish (desserts are additional items only!) – enough for 8-12 people! Please reference handout for ideas. Please call for food selections. Be as creative and imaginative as you like, but remember not to add too much spice or sugar — the children will be eating this food also. We would like all parents to attend. Sign up sheet will be provided! Thank you!

*No afternoon Child Care is provided after the Christmas show*
Please make arrangements to pick your child up promptly at 1 pm!

Closed Fri., Dec. 22nd, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. following the party. We will re-open Tue., Jan. 2nd, Year 2018!
– See Back For More Information –

Old CDs We need your old CDs ASAP to help decorate our tree!

Parent Participation: – Anyone who would like to spend 20 minutes on a holiday project with our children, ideas could include: decorating a gingerbread house, any baking project, a family holiday tradition, – or perhaps a wonderful Christmas story. Please contact Ms. Peg at the school.

Conferences: Conference times will be scheduled two weeks in January – the 16th to the 18th (Tuesday – Thursday only from 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.) The conference period will last 30 minutes and will be for adults only. There will be a calendar posted (and a sign-up sheet) with available dates and times. Conference times will not be rescheduled. Please jot down any questions or concerns you have before your meeting. No conferences for children aged 2-3.

Please remember your teacher and assistants!! – (Token gifts only. Goodies to eat are great too!) Also we are accepting donations such as; outside play equipment for the children, (good condition only) all kinds of trucks, riding toys, shovels, buckets, etc. Our book bin will be in the front room – please donate! (Any 1st Grade Reader Stories)

Dolly Parton has a great website for children. Go to to sign your child up to receive a free book each month until their 5th birthday!

Inclement Weather: Any days lost because of bad weather or forced closings are already included in the regularly scheduled school year. Please call WDSD or WDOV for school closings! Also, Salisbury channel 16 or channel 2 for winter weather watch! You can also go online to for School Closings.

We the staff at the Montessori Country Day Academy
wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Margaret Kling – Directress

Ms. Sophia • Ms. Lisa • Ms. Michelle
Ms. Crystal • Granny Franny (Music)
Ms. Michaela (Computer) • Ms. “B” (Spanish)

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