February Newsletter

Month of the Heart
Your body is a fine machine. Your heart keeps your body going. Your heart pumps the blood through your body. Then the blood comes back through your veins (the little tubes your blood moves through.) The blood comes back to your heart and it is pumped out and away through your body again. Every time your heart pumps, the vein stretches a little. The stretching is what makes your pulse. Your pulse tells you how fast your heart is beating. When you are well, your pulse is nice and steady. If You’ve been running, your pulse is fast. When you are sick your pulse may be slow. You can feel your pulse now. Put the inside of your middle fingers against the inside of the wrist of your other hand, below your thumb. Do you feel your pulse?
How fast is your heart beating?


Valentine’s Day Celebration: Wednesday Feb. 14th
Valentine mail boxes (shoe box) can start coming in now. We will be making Valentine Mailboxes with the children. Each child will have their own to take home filled with Valentines! Please bring in a regular size shoe box (not boot box) for your child. All Shoe boxes and Valentines must be in NO LATER than Monday, February 12th. On this special day the children will exchange their Valentines. We have mail-persons who will make a special appearance to deliver the mail to the children. We need 2 parent volunteers to sort the mail on Monday the 12th or Tuesday the 13th from 11 – 12. (The class list is attached to the newsletter, be sure to include each child on the list.) For lunch we will eat pizzas. The children will not need to bring their lunches on Wednesday, Feb. 14th. (The pizzas will be all cheese – no meat)

Black History Month: This month we will be viewing a movie series from the Dover Library on famous black Americans, such as composers, inventors, painters, etc.

All About the Heart:  A presentation to demonstrate various pieces of cardiovascular equipment and talk with the children about the functions of the heart. We will get to hear our very own heart beat!!

What can you do to help keep your teeth healthy?  You can eat some raw vegetables every day; it’s good exercise for your teeth to really chew some foods. You can drink milk or eat yogurt because they give your body calcium to help build up your teeth. And of course, brushing and flossing your teeth keep them clean and free of the germs that destroy teeth if they get the chance.

Our Children Need You!
Please set aside 20 to 30 minutes of your time to do a presentation – you will be happy you did!
We have some Star Readers at Dover Montessori! They are eligible to see Mrs. Peg to check out books over the weekend!

Our commitment as teachers is Literacy First!
Make sure your Star Reader returns their books to Mrs. Peg on Monday!
* Lost items could result in additional cost to parents *

We Are Closed:
President’s Day – Monday, Feb. 19th.

Please mark your calendar!

spring break on its way
Spring Break!
Closed: Friday, March 30th
Reopening: Monday, April 9th

– – – From The Director – – –
Please sign up for Summer Camp
We are only taking 20 students! Registration is open now!
Cost is Fixed Payment: Full Day 5 Day will be $165/wk, Half Day 5 Day until 12:30 will be $130/wk. We are also offering a full day 8:30 – 3:30 for $145; Half Day 3 Day will be $100, and drop-ins are $45 per day. Music, Yoga and Spanish will continue to be offered at no additional cost – Swim and gym days are extra. Please see www.dovermontessori.com for information & updates.


Thank you,
Margaret A. Kling – Directress A.M.I. and Staff

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