March 2018

Dr. Seuss’ Birthday: Friday, March 2nd We will be celebrating Dr. Suess’ birthday with lots of fun and interesting snack items and a fun project – Hats off to Dr. Seuss! All of the students will create a Dr. Seuss hat and get a photo to take home. Parents are requested to contribute a Dr. Seuss themed snack item – get as creative as you like! See more pictures on the website.
March Activities: March is National Dandelion Month, National Peanut Month, St. Patrick’s Day, National Wildlife Week, The Spring Equinox, Early Spring’s Indoor Gardens, Windy Projects, March Field Trips and outside exploration. These are the topics and ideas that we are incorporating for the month of March activities along with our Montessori Curriculum. When the weather gets warmer we will be exploring the world around us and making new discoveries. Each child will need a dollar store magnifying glass labeled with their name.
Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! In observance of Saint Patrick’s Day, please bake green goodies to share with our children on Wednesday, March 14th. Ideas include green veggies with green ranch dressing, green jello, green grapes etc. Parents wanting to contribute please sign-up at desk. NO LUNCHES REQUIRED WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14TH. Pizza party (cheese only) will be held for the students at the school. Green goodies will be going home.
Garden Party: Bring in one pack of your favorite flower seeds and a Styrofoam egg carton (no cardboard – they get wet!) by Monday, March 19th. This month we will be starting our flowers from seeds. After watching our seeds sprout, we will transfer them to our outside garden. We look forward to some beautiful flowers.
Spring Vacation: Closed from Good Friday, March 30th, through Sunday, April 8th. Easter Egg hunt on the playground and party to be held Thursday, March 29th. Volunteers are needed beginning at 11:30 a.m. to help hide eggs and one or two parents are needed to bring in cupcakes for lunch time. Students will not need lunch this day, cheese pizza will be provided. Please call the school and speak with Ms. Peg to volunteer. We will be dismissing after lunch promptly at 1:00 p.m.
Time for Spring Cleaning? We would appreciate parents donating ANY outside toys, especially used riding toys, buckets, shovels etc.- please make sure they are in good condition! Thank you!
Being Green: Being Green is not only about St. Patrick’s Day. It is also about caring for our environment and trying to change the way we do things so that we stop harming and polluting the world around us. Earth is facing massive problems at the moment, but everyone can do something to help. Much of the air is no longer clean to breathe; a lot of the land and many rivers and oceans are polluted. Tropical rain forests are being chopped down. Plants and animals are dying out. We are using up the Earth’s supply of fossil fuels, such as oil and coal. What can we do? Everything that you do, no matter how small has an effect on the world around you. Children can help to make the world a better place. The future of the Earth is in your hands.
Be Green and Keep it Clean!!!

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