Our curriculum is designed to provide your child a strong educational foundation by providing a very diverse educational experience in the Montessori way. Setting a strong foundation is the key. To promote physically healthy and well-rounded individuals, we hold the following classes:

Monday – *Computer classes where the students learn the alphabet by providing individualized interaction with the Apple iPod. By tracing the letters with their fingers they learn not only the alphabet but about advanced technology.

Tuesday – Music classes involving singing, and various instruments like the guitar, piano, and drums. We sing with students and allow the students to start and finish songs. This builds muscle memory, confidence and teaches students the beauty of music.

Wednesday – *Computer classes on this day learn about the desktop computer. We teach the students how to navigate their desktop with the mouse. We believe teaching students about the computer at an early age is very important in the 21st century.

Thursday – Art science classes are intense. Every week is a new science lesson. Did you know we teach students about the formation and discoloration of ice crystals?

Friday – Chinese classes are amazing. Our native Chinese teacher provides our students basic Chinese words like, “Hi,” “My name is…,” “How are you?” and “Thank you.” Additionally, the students learn about Chinese culture. Annually for Year of the Dragon, the students get to make their own beautiful traditional lantern to take home.

*Computer fee is an additional $25 p/mo. It’s not mandatory but is recommended. Students who opt out are provided separate instruction in reading, problem-solving, arts and crafts.